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Katolické fórum pro katolíky, ochránce nenarozeného života a všechny, pro které je Salus animarum opravdu suprema lex.
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     Svatý P. Pio OFM Cap. - video

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    Svatý P. Pio OFM Cap. - video Empty
    PříspěvekPředmět: Svatý P. Pio OFM Cap. - video   Svatý P. Pio OFM Cap. - video Icon_minitime10.03.15 12:41

    Na YouTube jsem náhodou objevila následující video se svatým P. Pio OFM Cap.:

    Padre Pio - Rare Footage
    This was filmed at Our Lady of Grace Capuchin Friary which is located in the Gargano Mountains at San Giovanni Rotondo. At times there is an atmosphere of playfulness redolent of the Fioretti of St Francis. At the end, they are obviously teasing him about the camera and he hits the cameraman with his cincture. We see him in the refectory and in the Church, and there are scenes of his brothers dealing with the massive postbag which he generated. Starting at 4'23" there is some footage of Padre Pio as celebrant at Tridentine Latin Mass.
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    Svatý P. Pio OFM Cap. - video
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